Samsung Phones have finaally matured

August. 26, 2021


Black Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

The first-ever iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was released back in September 2019. It has to be the most hyped Samsung phone ever, which is obvious as the Technology was brand new. The first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was far from perfect, but it led to today’s amazing “Galaxy Z Fold 3”!

Samsung has addressed most of the problems customers faced with the previous Galaxy Z Fold 1 and 2, as well as adding their own tweaks for a perfect foldable phone.

The body of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has changed completely, it is now made of what Samsung calls “Armored Aluminum”, which is more durable and scratch resistant than regular Aluminum. The glass front and back are made of the new “Gorilla Glass Victus”, which is the toughest Gorilla Glass up to date. Another huge improvement is the IPX8 water resistance (up to 1.5m for 30mins), which is impressive considering it’s a foldable phone with a hinge.

The display on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is now brighter, up to 1200 nits of brightness. The screen is also slightly bigger, thanks to the under-screen selfie camera, which reduces the number of bezels around the screen.

The internals also feature a huge improvement with Qualcomm’s latest 5nanometer Snapdragon 888, which will increase overall performance compared to the last gen Galaxy Fold 2. Not to mention the new Bluetooth 5.2 chip and 16MP selfie camera (last-gen was 10MP).

In conclusion, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone is no longer a gimmick, and can be comfortably used for every day tasks or for work. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 starts at 1,799.99usd, check it out here!


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