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How to choose the right PC case ?

You finally decide to build your own PC, but you are stunned by the number of different PC case options out there! If you’re confused…you are in the right place.

There are 4 main things to look into when buying as PC case:

  • Size compatibility
  • Airflow
  • RGB
  • Cable management


Size Compatibility

Buying a PC case can be tricky, as you have to make sure all components fit perfectly in the case…in other words compatible. The main 3 sizes of motherboards out there are: ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX (ATX being the biggest).

Other than motherboards, you need to make sure your CPU cooler fits. When it comes to Air coolers, you need to make sure your case is deep enough for the cooler to fit. Water coolers are a bit different, as you need to make sure your case is tall and wide enough for the radiator to fit. (All measurements can be found on manufacturers’ website).

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Air Flow

In order to maintain good temperatures inside of your computer, you need to make sure your case has enough vents in the front, so fresh air can be moved in by the intake fans. Enough vents at the back of the case are also important, as hot air must be moved out by the exhaust fans.

Good Airflow


RGB lighting

This is really up to you! However, PC cases with RGB come with extra cables to connect the RGB lights, which can cause slightly more cable clutter (Not a big deal though).


Cable Management

Cable management is really just stressful, but some cases offer features that can help in the process. Such features include: PSU (power supply) shroud, cable holders. Cases with cable management features can be more expensive than regular pc cases, but it’s definitely worth it!

PC Cable managementPSU shroud


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