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Nintendo Switch OLED: is it really an upgrade?

The original Nintendo Switch released in 2017 was a big hit in the gaming world. With the Wii U being a complete flop, the Switch was Nintendo’s chance to regain its reputation. The Switch was a big success for Nintendo, gaining appeal from many gamers around the world and selling over 84 million units to date! But as competition from the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 evolved, gamers started demanding more performance, as the original Switch’s performance was simply bad…not that it’s meant to be a power machine.

There were rumors floating around on a new and upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro, but Nintendo surprised us all with something else, the Switch OLED. This article will discuss everything new we’ve got, what we were hoping for, and should you buy it or not. So stay tuned!


Everything New!

The main upgrade as the name suggests is the new and improved screen. The screen itself hasn’t become any bigger, but the bezels shrunk, making it a 7 inch large screen now. Another upgrade is the new OLED screen, which offers deeper blacks and better color reproduction than the older LCD screen.

Nintendo Switch Oled


Another huge upgrade is the new kickstand, which is now bigger and wider, making it much more stable in tablet mode than its bizarre predecessor. Some of the internals were upgraded as well! The new Nintendo Switch OLED now has double the storage capacity of the original switch, with 64Gb of storage! Apparently, the onboard speakers have also been improved, but we can’t test this yet until we get our hands on one.

Nintendo Switch Kickstand


And finally, a minor yet very important upgrade: Built-in wired LAN port. Nintendo added a LAN port on the Switch’s dock, so enjoy a no lag online TV mode gaming experience! (LAN cable is sold separately of course) Speaking of the dock, it has been slightly redesigned, with a new white color option and a smaller logo.



What we were hoping for…

Now…there’s a lot to talk about here! Although the Screen on the new Switch OLED has been improved, it still is 720p, not even 1080p. The only internals that were upgraded were the storage; so sadly no GPU or CPU upgrades, I guess we will stick with choppy Zelda for some while. Because the GPU and CPU weren’t upgraded, the new Nintendo Switch OLED can’t output 4k video for TV mode, which is extremely sad as the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 can do so.

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner, whether it’s the famous Joy-con drift or faulty bumpers, your joy-cons must have acted up on you sometime. We were really hoping for new and redesigned Joy-cons that address the drift issue, but nope…sadly not for now.

The Nintendo Switch OLED well start at 349.99$, making it between the Xbox Series S and Series X in terms of competition.



Should you get one?

This is quite difficult to say due to how messed up the market is with bots and scalpers making it harder for people to get their hands on gaming consoles. Not to mention the rumors on a new more powerful upcoming Nintendo Switch.

But here’s what we think. If you’re a travelling or constantly moving gamer, then the Switch OLED is perfect for you, due to the better screen and higher storage capacity. When it comes to TV mode, there is not much of a difference compared to the Original Switch, so it’s up to you whether a LAN port is worth an extra 50$. (LAN cable is sold separately of course)

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be available Oct. 8, 2021.                       

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