Google’s Tensor may be “tense” competition for Apple

August. 26, 2021


Pixel 6

Custom Designed Chips aren’t a new thing whatsoever, the idea was already adopted by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Samsung and Huawei didn’t benefit much from their own designed Exynos and Kirin chips, as options from Qualcomm were much more powerful and capable.

Google has unusually revealed its upcoming pixel phones months before release, confirming the rumors of a custom google-designed chip. Google also said that they’ve been working on their custom chip for 4 years! That’s a substantial amount of time, but it’s probably worth the wait.

The upcoming pixel is yet to be released, so we’ll judge based on what Google has said. Pixel phones in general could be described as the “iPhones of Android”, due to how integrated their hardware was with Android. This is pretty evident if we look at how good Google’s computational photography is, despite its cameras having a relatively small sensor. 

New Features

Google’s new “Tensor” chip is said to improve on their computational photography not only for photos, but videos as well. Google’s photography is already amazing, and if their videography is adopting their computational photography’s tech, I can only guess it will be great!

But wait… there’s more to Google’s Tensor chip. Apparently, Google has been focusing on making their custom chips as optimized as possible, saying that “higher quality” chips could have 50% better battery life! Rumors suggest the Pixel 6 Pro will have a whopping 5000 mAh battery, and the smaller Pixel 6 will have a 4614 mAh battery.

Google says its new Tensor chip is focusing big on AI and Machine learning. The new Tensor chip will be smarter and more optimized for computational photography and videography. Another big deal is Speech Recognition and Dictation. You would be able to edit words on your keyboard whilst you speak, which shows how powerful the Tensor chip is when it comes to real-time Speech Recognition.

Google wasn’t so descriptive on the Tensor Chip’s true specs and custom SoC, hence we don’t really know how it will compare with Apple’s upcoming A15 chip or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. Google also didn’t reveal the pricing, but hinted it will be a “Flagship-price’ phone. If the new Tensor chip goes right, it will be “Tense” competition for Apple…


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