Glorious Model D wireless: Too good to be true?

June. 27, 2021

glorious model d wireless

A little bit of Background…

It has been over 6 months since Glorious announced they are working on a Model D…but it’s wireless! This really is a gamer’s dream…why you might ask? With the glorious model O already being a fantastic mouse for small to medium-sized hands, gamers with large hands prefer the model D for it being taller. Even if you don’t have large hands, the model D’s large side buttons can really enhance your gaming abilities!


Will the Model D wireless release any soon?

Yes! We are hoping that the model D wireless releases later this year, as it won’t make sense for glorious to announce a product 12 months prior to release. But they are excused…only if they deliver what they said!



Glorious has given gamers reasons to wait for the Model D wireless to release, the 2 main reasons being “an unbeatable 79.99$ MSRP” and “be a fully in-stock item on launch day – no pre-order or batches”. If what Glorious said is true…then every gamer has a chance of getting his hands on one of these beasts.

As for our promise…we will keep you updated until the launch day of the Model D wireless, so stay tuned!

Check the article on Glorious’s website for more information.

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