Destiny 2 Crossplay: We’ve long waited

August. 26, 2021


Destiny 2 crossplay

In December 2020, Bungie confirmed that Cross Play is coming to Destiny 2 in 2021, but didn’t mention any exact date. Here we are now though, Cross Play on Destiny 2 now supports Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. This is definitely huge for us gamers, as we can now play anywhere with anyone! 


How to get started

The moment you log on to Destiny 2, you are greeted with a message saying, “Cross Play: play with guardians on all platforms”. Bungie will also provide your new “Bungie Name”, which is basically your gamertag on Bungie that allows for Cross Play. Your Bungie Name consists of your gamertag + 4 digit unique number (eg: zzz#1234).

To add friends and fireteam members, hover on to the Roster section in the director. Through the Roster, you can find Bungie Names of other players, as well as the Platform they’re using. To add Bungie friends, search for the exact Bungie Name of your friend, and send a friend request. When your friend has accepted the request, he will appear in the friends tab at the Roster. From there, you can send Fireteam/Clan invites.

A more convenient way to add friends from all Platforms, is via Bungie’s website ( From there, go to settings > Bungie Friends > Import Friends. This way you can import your friends from all the platforms your signed in.



The Bungie friendship and fireteam system was always weirdly operated, and it’s sadly still ongoing for Cross Play. You may experience problems when sending invites, or problems such as “Your friend can’t be found”. It’s still quite early, so I won’t be too harsh. However if it works for you, then enjoy Destiny 2 Cross Play with all your friends!


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