Best iPad to buy (2021)

Best ipad to buy 2021

Best iPad to buy (2021)   October. 8, 2021 iPad Pro (2021) Pros: Powerful M1 Chip Supports Magic Keyboard 120Hz Promotion Display Thunderbolt support 5G support Cons: Really Expensive No Touch ID The iPad Pro (2021) is Apple’s most expensive iPad, starting at $799 for the 11inch and $1099 for the 12.9 inch. The starting […]

IOS 15 review: New Features and Design changes

IOS 15

IOS 15 review: New Features and Design changes September. 21, 2021 IOS 15 finally got a public release yesterday, the 20th of September. IOS 15 does not have the biggest visual changes, however it has several small features that make a more complete upgrade. IOS 15 will truly change how we all use our iPhones. […]

How to speed up Windows 10 (2021)

Windows 10

How to speed up Windows 10 (2021) September. 16, 2021 Windows 10 was released in July. 29. 2015, and six years later Windows 11 is about to get released next month. Whether you’re upgrading to Windows 11 and want to enjoy Windows 10’s last days, or you just like Windows 10 too much and won’t […]

Apple Event 2021 (Recap)

Apple event 2021

Apple Event 2021: Mixed feelings September. 15, 2021 iPhone 13 & 13 Mini The brand new iPhone 13 and 13 Mini had some very minor upgrades this year. The most important upgrades being the smaller notch, reduced by about 20% compared to the iPhone 12. As well as a slight camera redesign, now the rear […]

Destiny 2 Crossplay: We’ve long waited…

Destiny 2 crossplay

Destiny 2 Crossplay: We’ve long waited August. 26, 2021 In December 2020, Bungie confirmed that Cross Play is coming to Destiny 2 in 2021, but didn’t mention any exact date. Here we are now though, Cross Play on Destiny 2 now supports Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia. This is definitely huge for us gamers, as […]

Samsung’s Fold phones have finally matured…

Black Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

Samsung Phones have finaally matured August. 26, 2021 The first-ever iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was released back in September 2019. It has to be the most hyped Samsung phone ever, which is obvious as the Technology was brand new. The first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was far from perfect, but it led […]

Google’s Tensor chip may be “Tense” Competition for Apple

Google’s Tensor may be “tense” competition for Apple August. 26, 2021 Custom Designed Chips aren’t a new thing whatsoever, the idea was already adopted by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Samsung and Huawei didn’t benefit much from their own designed Exynos and Kirin chips, as options from Qualcomm were much more powerful and […]

Best Free PC Games 2021!

Best free PC games

Best Free PC Games 2021 August. 26, 2021   Some of us find it difficult to justify spending 60$ on a video game, let alone spend any kind of money on PC games. Well…we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will share our Top 5 Free PC games that you can download right now. […]

How to Choose PC parts (2021)

PC building parts

How to choose PC parts Obviously,  when building a PC, you need to choose computer parts. This can be tricky and can result in a faulty computer if the parts aren’t chosen correctly. But don’t worry, we will help you with choosing your parts and where to buy them from. But before we do that, […]

Nintendo Switch OLED: is it really an upgrade?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED: is it really an upgrade? The original Nintendo Switch released in 2017 was a big hit in the gaming world. With the Wii U being a complete flop, the Switch was Nintendo’s chance to regain its reputation. The Switch was a big success for Nintendo, gaining appeal from many gamers around the […]

Best Gaming Mouse – 2021

Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse – 2021 A good keyboard and mouse can really elevate your gaming skills. It is controversial whether the keyboard or the mouse are more important, but we believe it’s the mouse! This article will discuss the best gaming mouse in each different category, so stay tuned! 1: Best budget gaming mouse:    […]

How to improve your setup: 3 steps!

How to improve your setup

How to improve your setup with these 3 steps! The road to the ultimate setup is still far away, and you have probably already spent a lot of time working on it. Many people have even stopped upgrading their setups due to how frustrating it is. But this ends now! In this article we will […]

Your monitor guide: 2021!


Your monitor guide: 2021! Monitors are more than just a display for your computer, they can either make or break your experience! Choosing the correct monitor can be much trickier than you might think. In this article, we will guide you through choosing the right monitor for your setup. So stay tuned until the end! […]

Power supply: Complete Guide 2021

Power Supply

Power Supplies: 2021 Guide I’m sure you already know what I mean…it’s the part that’s left last, and usually ignored: The PSU (power supply). Picking the right power supply has been quite controversial ever since consumers started building their own computers. You hear a word from here, a word from there, and you’re still confused! […]

HyperX Alloy Origins: is it Worth 110$

Hyperx alloy origins

HyperX Alloy Origins: is it worth 110$ ? So yea…I decided to upgrade my keyboard again! This time I’m trying out the HyperX Alloy Origins as suggested by a friend. I’ve heard great things about this board, hopefully it delivers what is expected. So stay tuned until the end! First Impressions First and foremost, the […]