Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse – 2021

A good keyboard and mouse can really elevate your gaming skills. It is controversial whether the keyboard or the mouse are more important, but we believe it’s the mouse! This article will discuss the best gaming mouse in each different category, so stay tuned!

1: Best budget gaming mouse:    Viper mini

Being one of the lightest Razer mice out there, the viper mini weighs in at just around 61g, making it extremely comfortable for gaming combined with its ambidextrous design. The basic programmable buttons are also found on the side. Equipped with Razer’s optical mouse switch, the Viper mini has a response time of just 0.2ms. The Viper mini has a 8500 DPI sensor, so don’t worry when moving it all fast while gaming. Of course, it also has minimal RGB accents, so not overkill on the RGB.

2: Best budget wireless gaming mouse: Harpoon Wireless

Being the cheapest and best gaming mouse in the market now, the Harpoon wireless offers up to 25hrs of gameplay on a single charge. It charges via micro USB and connects via the wireless dongle or low-latency Bluetooth. The Harpoon wireless gaming mouse has a sensor that can reach up to 10,000 DPI. The corsair logo is also RGB, if you’re into that. It may be a bit heavy…but hey, it’s less than 50$!

3: Best customizable gaming mouse: Naga Pro Wireless

Also considered the best MMO mouse available, with 19 programmable buttons to customize. Not to mention the different 3 side panels you can use. The Naga Pro is also compatible with the Razer charging dock chroma. The Naga Pro connects via the wireless dongle or low-latency Bluetooth. It is charge using micro USB, 5 hours of charge can provide up to 150 hours of battery life. It weighs in 117g, which is extremely heavy, but it’s a MMO mouse after all.

4: Best gaming mouse for Large Hands: Zowie EC1

This is probably a weird choice for many gamers, most likely for how boring it looks.   But if you just want the best Large mouse for gaming, the Zowie EC1 is your best choice.  The Zowie EC1 gaming mouse has a very ergonomic design and weighs in at 97g, but that’s fair for it being 64mm wide and 128mm tall. It may not be the biggest mouse, but its design makes it extremely comfortable. The Zowie EC1 is perfect for palm grip users as well. However, make sure to buy the matte black version and not the glossy version, as well as the EC1 not the EC1-A. The EC1 also has two large side buttons on the left side.

5: Best premium wireless mouse:      G Pro X Superlight

The G Pro X superlight has to be the best wireless gaming mouse ever. Being a gaming mouse that is also wireless and weighs in at only 60g, pretty impressive. The amazingness doesn’t just stop there…the G Pro X superlight comes with additional feet and grip tape in the box. The G Pro X superlight also has two programmable side buttons on the left side. Like its predecessor, it is compatible with Logitech’s Power Play wireless charging mousepad. It can also reach 25,600 DPI, it’s worth the price.

6: Best RGB gaming mouse:   Glorious model O

Besides the Model O having some pretty amazing RGB accents on each two sides, as well as on the scroll wheel, it performs extremely well. The Model O weighs in at just 67g thanks to the honeycomb design. It also has two buttons on the left side, as well as some really good skates. But again, make sure to buy the matte color and not the glossy color, for better grip and look.

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