Best Free PC Games 2021

August. 26, 2021


Best free PC games

Some of us find it difficult to justify spending 60$ on a video game, let alone spend any kind of money on PC games. Well…we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will share our Top 5 Free PC games that you can download right now. And remember it’s a free game, so trying it out won’t be a bad idea.

1: Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the few Free PC Games that have stunning graphics. The graphics are so good that you would forget it’s a free game! Destiny 2 is packed with various game modes, including both single-player and multi-player, so you’ll always have something to do in it. Bungie also releases frequent updates and events for Destiny 2, not to mention the new season releases every 3 months. It is definitely worth a try!


2: Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

The best thing about Asphalt 9 is the wide availability. It is downloadable on IOS, Android, Windows, and the Nintendo eShop. Asphalt 9 has a wide range of cars, maps, and game modes to play in, making it one of the better Free Racing Games on PC. It features both single-player and multi-player game modes, as well as limited time online tournaments. And again…it’s worth a try!


3: Fortnite


Four years old now, but still going strong. Fortnite popularized the concept off the Battle Royale  game mode, making it one of the most successful games ever developed… judging by its crazy popularity. It’s popular for a couple of reasons though, mainly because its free to play. Also, the recent RTX support gave players the opportunity to experience Fortnite on Ray-traced Graphics, which looks insanely good. You’ve probably tried it already!


4: CS:GO


The legendary Counter Strike, and most-downloaded game on Steam ever! The FPS shooter doesn’t really require much explanation. CS:GO is a very simple shooter game with various game modes and alright graphics, yet it’s extremely enjoyable. Reason being of how competitive the game is and how difficult it is to master. Unlike some games that offer OP weapons for real money; in CS:GO, it is only your skill that counts. CS:GO isn’t dead, and won’t die for a long time!


5: League of Legends

LOL game

League of legends is an extremely popular game, especially in China and other Asian countries. It’s a simple team-based strategy game that involves destroying the opposition’s base. What makes it popular is the wide range of characters (champions) to choose from, each with its different abilities and powers. It’s also free to play!


Honorable Mentions: Warframe – Valorant – Apex Legends – COD warzone