Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards: Are they worth it?

Along the many controversies that exist in the tech world, lies the controversy of mechanical keyboards vs membrane keyboards. You can never find a real answer to this problem on the internet, but you’re in the right place! So stick in…

There are several factors that should be considered when buying a new keyboard, these factors include:  

  • Purpose
  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Budget



Mechanical keyboards are often associated with gaming, which is understandable due to the flashy RGB lights. However this isn’t really the case anymore. Mechanical keyboards just provide a typing experience that no other keyboard type can match. If you’re a gamer without a mechanical keyboard, you should read the other factors below to consider buying one!



Mechanical keyboards are extremely quick in response time, which can really take your gaming to a whole another level. This is achieved because of the minimal force required to push the switch before it’s recognized by the computer (actuation force), also because of the short travel distance of the keys (actuation distance). Not only for gamers, but content creators as well ! Simply, mechanical keyboards allow you to type faster, boosting your productivity!



Another rumor that is widely associated with mechanical keyboards, is that they are much more comfortable. This is partially true. The two biggest players in keyboard comfort are the wrist rest and lift-up legs. You can simply buy a wrist rest and use it with any keyboard, however not all keyboards come with lift-up legs, so make sure to check that your mechanical keyboard has lift-up legs to enjoy typing tirelessly!



Are mechanical keyboards louder than membrane keyboards…YES! However, how much louder depends on what switch your mechanical keyboard uses, the 3 main types of switches are: Tactile, Clicky, and Linear. Blue switches are by far the loudest switches, they are Clicky. The quietest are the Red switches, they are Linear. Tactile brown switches come in between. Here is a scale to help…

mechanical keyboard

Which switch is better is completely up to your taste and what suits you best. For your first mechanical keyboard, we suggest using Brown switches or Red switches.



Mechanical keyboards can be really cheap, and also really expensive! Whatever your budget is, we’ve got you covered, checkout our best mechanical keyboards picks here!

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Image credit: RedDragonSwitchandClick