5G is the future! Not for now though…

July. 1, 2021


5G is the future! Not for now though…

It’s been 12 years since 4G LTE was first introduced in Stockholm, Sweden! 4G was revolutionary, it was truly the begging of a new era…until 2019. In 2019, 5G was announced! With all the promising speeds and incredibly low latency, everyone was on the edge of their seats! That didn’t live for long though. Was the release of 5G so early a mistake? Yes it was!


5G History

In 2019… at the same time 5G was announced. Huawei was banned from any activities inside of the USA due to the Chinese – American conflicts. This was a big hit for Huawei, as their phone sales decreased by over 40%! Unfortunately, Huawei wasn’t the only one damaged.

Qualcomm and Huawei were the biggest players in the development of 5G. This US ban on Chinese businesses meant that 5G development and improvement will decelerate…and it really did!

Huawei 5G


Why so slow? It’s 5G!

5G was supposed to be the start of a new era: smart homes, smart cars, smart everything basically! But 5G doesn’t fall from the sky, new and high developed Tower cells were required for optimal coverage and the promised speeds. With all the Huawei “stuff” going on, and 5G development slowing down, devices with 5G capabilities simply didn’t find 5G Towers to connect with. So those devices just simply connected to the older 4G towers, and the results weren’t so eye-opening…

Telecomm companies promised speeds reaching over 1 Gbps, they were true…Well, only if you stand exactly next to one of the few 5G towers built! Other than that, the speed and latency will be equivalent to what 4G offers, or even worse in rare cases!


Disadvantages of 5G…

5G operates on mm waves, meaning a much higher frequency, but that comes at a cost! Higher frequency means less range and travel distance, causing the speed of 5G to drastically drop the further you move from a 5G tower. I wish that was it…but there is more! Apparently, walls can also disturb the transfer of 5G mm waves, which explains why in your house, one room has a substantially higher network speed than another room!

5G tower


How’s 5G looking in 2021?

When 5G was rolled out to the public, few devices had the capability of connecting to the 5G network, and the devices with 5G capabilities were insanely priced (The Samsung Galaxy s10 5G started at a whopping 1,299$)! Fortunately, the situation is better now. As of 2021, there are tons of Smartphones and devices with 5G capabilities to choose from, not even that expensive!

Network companies also used 5G to their advantage, with numerous new smart home products and gadgets making their way into many people’s homes. This is a sign of hope for the 5G standardization that is slowly but surely happening.

The big question is…..will upgrading to 5G now be worth it? Short answer, Nope! This is solely based on the cost of 5G plans, and all the side costs that come with it. Unlimited 5G plans can cost you up to a 100$ a month! Similarly, 4G LTE unlimited monthly plans can be as cheap as half the price of the 5G plan. Other than cost, stability is a major problem for 5G!

You should never ever expect a constant and stable 1Gbps 5G speed, due to the reasons mentioned above. If you don’t want to be let down by 5G for not meeting your expectations, you’ll have to wait for it until it fully matures and becomes more affordable!

S10 5G


The Future of 5G…

Here is where it gets much more interesting! The potential of 5G is far beyond imagination, we are talking Robots, remote surgery, self-driving cars, streaming 8K video on the go, and much much more!

These applications are already tested and minimally used right now, but it hasn’t reached its full potential and maturity yet. I don’t know about you… but I’m eagerly waiting for those days of full automation and smart life!

5G in self-driving cars

Image credit: The Verge – GSMArena – The News Market – CC lab

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