Mechanical keyboards: Are they worth it 2021?

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards: Are they worth it? Along the many controversies that exist in the tech world, lies the controversy of mechanical keyboards vs membrane keyboards. You can never find a real answer to this problem on the internet, but you’re in the right place! So stick in… There are several factors that should be considered […]

Glorious Model D wireless: Too good to be true? 2021

glorious model d wireless

Glorious Model D wireless: Too good to be true? June. 27, 2021 A little bit of Background… It has been over 6 months since Glorious announced they are working on a Model D…but it’s wireless! This really is a gamer’s dream…why you might ask? With the glorious model O already being a fantastic mouse for […]

How to Overclock AMD CPU 2021

How to overclock AMD CPU

How to overclock AMD CPU! Whether you’re a gamer or a content creator, the CPU plays a vital role in high performance for your tasks. If your CPU is unlocked, overclocking it will give you a huge boost in performance and fps, who doesn’t want that! This article will explain “How to Overclock AMD CPU” […]